Matthew Perry and the Class Struggle

Say what you will about TV’s “Friends.” They are nothing if not dedicated to the cause of socialism. A month after the six-pack hung tough in contract renewal talks to extract a combined $240 million from NBC, Matthew Perry has asked that his name be removed from this year’s Emmy ballot because he was submitted as a lead actor instead of being placed in the more Marxian-friendly supporting actor race.

“It is very important to Matthew and to me that the correct message be sent to his co-stars and the ‘Friends’ audience that he considers himself part of the ensemble,” Perry publicist Lisa Kasteler said in a statement today.

Word in Hollywood on Tuesday was that Perry was angling for a lead actor nomination because of his beefed-up, Chandler-loves-Monica storyline. But if you think that Comrade Perry would never promote the needs of the one above the needs of the many, you’re right. The actor says the lead actor thing was all a mistake — his publicist’s mistake.

“… We apologize to both Matthew and the Academy,” Kasteler said.

Perry‘s withdrawal may be moot. Big paychecks or no, the “Friends” have never been Emmy favorites. Only Lisa Kudrow and David Schwimmer have earned nominations (as supporting actors, natch). Only Kudrow has won. This year’s nominations are due out on July 20.

Power to the people.