Maya Angelou opens up about son’s near death after car accident

Writer Guy Johnson begged his mother Maya Angelou to end his life after he was told he would never walk again following a car accident. Johnson severely injured his spinal cord in the crash when he was in his late 20s, and he was left temporarily paralyzed from the neck down.
Even though his prognosis was poor, doctors kept Johnson alive by hooking him up to a number of life-saving machines, and Angelou admits her son was so depressed, he asked his mum to put an end to his misery.
The And Still I Rise author tells the Associated Press, “Guy Johnson is a wonder. He’s been physically challenged. He was paralyzed from his neck down at one point. The doctors had told me, ‘Your son, he will never move again, he will never walk again.’ I said, ‘My son will walk out of this hospital.’
“I walked into the intensive care (unit) and my son said, ‘Mum, that which I feared is upon me.’ I can hear it now and this is 40 years later. He said, ‘Mum, I have to ask you a favour no one should ever ask (of) their mother. I know I’m your only child. I know you love me, but if there’s no recovery I refuse to live as a talking head. Will you pull the plug?’
“I started shouting. At the top of my voice I said, ‘In that case, recovery. I see you swimming. I see you walking. I see you dancing. And I thank God for it, and I’m claiming it loudly.'”
Thankfully Johnson did recover and he was able to walk out of the hospital, however he still suffers with the side effects of his injuries.