McBride & Franco saved a guy’s life while filming new movie

The pair was filming on location in Belfast, Ireland, when rowdy bar patrons across the street from their apartment complex interrupted the actors’ sleep.

So the Pineapple Express stars took revenge by throwing eggs.

McBride explains, “Franco, Justin Theroux, all these other actors, the next night, everyone dressed up in black and we hid up in there (across the street from the bar). And we had a strict code – we weren’t allowed to go after women and children; you couldn’t get anybody who was going into the club, we didn’t want to ruin anyone’s night. It had to be someone who was misbehaving and when they would misbehave, they would be punished.”

Luckily the Your Highness stars were in the right place at the right time and were able to rescue an innocent man from a drunken mob.

He adds, “This guy was out there and all of a sudden these dudes came out of nowhere and they jumped him and a fight broke out and we swung into action and we just lit ’em up (egged them), broke up the fight and we saved that guy’s life.”