McCartney, $750 Mil Man

So which musical legend could buy “Survivor” champion Richard Hatch 750 times over (not that he’d want to)?

Here’s a hint: His daughter is an award-winning fashion designer.

Former Beatle Paul McCartney is the highest-earning rock star in history with an estimated personal worth of $750 million, Business Age magazine reports.

McCartney has accumulated the large sum from album sales, royalties, stocks and property holdings, the British magazine says. A new album of No. 1 songs by the Beatles was released Nov. 13 and is sure to add to his personal value.

Other top earners include: Elton John ($250 million), Mick Jagger ($225 million), Keith Richards ($220 million), David Bowie ($145 million) and, um, Engelbert Humperdinck ($100 million).

“Age accounts for everything in this survey,” Business Age editor Chris Butt told the New York Post. “The real route to financial success is down to a star’s ‘classic’ status.”

Oh, by the way, that award-winning daughter turned fashion designer? Stella McCartney, of course.