McInnes felt ‘abandoned’ when wife died

Sarah Watt passed away in November (11) after a long battle with breast and bone cancer, and five months on from the tragedy, McInnes has now spoken about his loss.

He tells National Features, “It’s an odd feeling of being abandoned and marooned, but it’s no one’s fault and it’s just a new way of living your life. That can be terribly hard to comprehend, especially when it’s sort of public.

“It’s not that you don’t laugh or you stop having fun or enjoying life, you just know something’s not quite right. Sometimes it’s just too hard and you can’t deal with it and you just feel like jumping in a hole.”

Paying tribute to his late wife, he adds, “There are lots of people who go through these sorts of things and it’s not anyone’s special cross to bear. I know one thing – lots of people bang on about heroes as the sort of people who’ve got their portraits hanging in galleries, but you know what? When you’re facing a serious life-threatening, or terminal illness, those people are courageous beyond description.”