McKay got in trouble for Mendes visit

The stars live in the same exclusive area of Los Angeles and McKay wanted to discuss ideas for his new cop comedy The Other Guys with the actress.

But the visit didn’t sit well with his spouse, actress/director Shira Piven, according to Mendes’ The Other Guys co-star Mark Wahlberg.

He says, “Eva Mendes lives down the road from Adam McKay so one day she’s walking the dog and Adam says, ‘Hey, come on in for a second, my wife’s not home but come check it out.’ He doesn’t try to hide it from his wife, he tells his wife and she’s like, ‘Oh cool.’

“But then, she tells one of her girlfriends, and her girlfriend’s like, ‘Are you crazy? Eva Mendes was in your house, you don’t have a problem with that?’ Next thing you know, the wife’s in a rage, he’s in big trouble.”