McPhee was up for The Hangover role

The American Idol star auditioned to play bride-to-be Tracy Billings in the 2009 comedy but McPhee admits the test failed to win over director Todd Phillips – and the role went to former model Sasha Barrese.

She tells, “It was between me and the girl who got it… I didn’t get it, but I went all the way. I would have loved to play that part.”

However, the 27 year old, who now stars in U.S. TV hit Smash, didn’t hold a grudge – she went to see the movie with her pals once it was released.

She adds, “It was so much better than I would have ever thought it could be. It was unbelievably hysterical, and I remember in the theatre I was like, ‘I wish I had gotten that part!'”