McQueen house to sue over ‘Moss’ ad?

The new U.K. TV commercial for the Cadbury’s Flake bar features a female figure in an elegant gown floating against a black background, which is said to be similar to an image of Moss used during a McQueen catwalk show in 2006.

The hologram was co-created in 2006 by the late designer and filmmaker Baillie Walsh, who was recruited by advertising company Fallon to direct the Flake ad.

A spokesperson for the Alexander McQueen company confirms, “We are seeking legal advice.”

But Cadbury bosses refute claims of imitation, with a representative stating: “This is about Baillie Walsh’s work. It was his house style that attracted us rather than any previous work he had done. The Alexander McQueen show is not relevant. His previous work was one of many of our visual references but not the only one. We would not accept the charge of imitation.”

McQueen committed suicide at his London apartment in February (10).