Mel Gibson’s ex asks judge to reduce debt by over $400,000

Mel Gibson’s ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva has reportedly filed documents in her bankruptcy case requesting to only pay five per cent of her total debt. The Russian songwriter filed for bankruptcy last month (Feb14), declaring she has $438,000 (£262,590) in debts, most of which stems from the legal fees she ran up during her bitter custody battle against Gibson over their young daughter Lucia in 2011.
And in legal documents obtained by editors at, Grigorieva claims she can only afford to hand over $372 (£223) per month to repay her debts, but under that schedule, it would take nearly a hundred years to wipe the slate clean.
She is now asking a judge to clear her debt after she’s paid $22,320 (£13,351), or five per cent of her total debt.
The court has yet to rule on her new plea.