Melanie Chisholm takes aim at tabloid writer over retirement report

Melanie Chisholm has fired back at a U.K. tabloid report suggesting the Spice Girls are to retire after plans for a world tour fell through. Editors at Britain’s Daily Mirror published an article on Thursday (09May13), claiming the girl group’s hopes of another global trek had been dashed because singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham refused to join in.
Sources claimed Beckham’s bandmates opted out of touring as a four-piece and decided instead to hang up their microphones for good, but the allegations infuriated Chisholm, who has taken to her page to slam the rumours.
Calling out the columnist who wrote the story, Chisholm tweeted, “Clemmie Moodie… Disgusted with your piece in the Mirror today. (It was) rude, inaccurate and frankly disappointing.”
In response to a follower who asked if the speculation was true, the defiant singer stated, “NO!!!!!!!!”
Meanwhile, Moodie defended her piece in a post on her Twitter page, insisting, “I only write what I’m told. Have nothing bad to say about the Spice Girls.”