Melba Moore: ‘I never spoke to the New York Post’

R&B legend Melba Moore is taking aim at a New York Post story, in which she reportedly offers her support to her ex-husband as he prepares to stand trial for allegedly running a $5 million (£3.13 million) Ponzi scheme, insisting she has never spoken to the publication. Huggins faces up to 20 years behind bars amid allegations he conned wealthy clients, including comedian Steve Harvey, into investing in diamond and gold mining in West Africa, only to use the money to fund a record company and other business ventures from 2008 to 2011.
Moore appeared to have put her differences with her ex aside in the Post article, in which she was quoted as saying, “Charles is in a place in his life now that he needs me, and I’m probably the closest person to him right now. We can’t live in the past. I’m there for him now.”
But she insists her remarks are made up, stating, “I have made no statements to the New York Post or any other periodical or media of any kind regarding the details of the of the court case of Charles Huggins or any of the details of his personal life. The New York Post’s supposed quotes of me are completely and totally erroneous and bogus.
“I have stayed away from it and made no public comments primarily for the safety and security of our daughter… I don’t know anything about it, I haven’t been involved in it… I have purposely not made myself aware of it… I don’t (even) talk about it with my daughter.”