Melissa George met real spy for Hunted role

The actress plays a spy-for-hire in the series, and researched her role by taking lessons from a real-life agent – who wouldn’t even reveal her real name.

George tells Britain’s The Sun, “I was fascinated by the woman who took us to spy class. She looks like a stylish, older woman with a grey bob, just like a woman you would see at a mall or wherever and that’s why she’s brilliant. You never see her coming. It was so secret we had to take our cell phones out of the room because even if your phone is not switched on, it will transmit. Spies can hear your conversation even though you aren’t answering.”

George also underwent extensive physical training to tackle the part, and has managed to transfer her newly acquired skills into her personal life.

She adds, “A funny thing happened in (London department store) Harrods. I was lining up to pay and there were 10 people behind me and (there was) a big glass thing on the counter.

“This guy knocked it and I just put my hand under it, caught it so it didn’t break and just put it back. But the guy knew I was an actor and he was like, ‘What are you doing right now?’ and I said, ‘Playing a spy,’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, you can tell.'”