‘Men in Black’ Is Back?

‘Men in Black’ Is Back?

Will and the posse are back, and they’re dressed in black — again.

Will Smith confirmed during a recent interview with TV Guide that a script for a sequel to “Men in Black” is currently in its final stages of being written. Co-stars Linda Fiorentino and Tommy Lee Jones will be back, too.

Questions have come up as to how they will bring Jones‘ character back, since he pretty much retired and went back to his wife at the end of the first film.

“I can’t let it out,” Smith says in the interview. “But it’s so brilliant.”

Talks to shoot a sequel to the 1997 box office hit emerged more than a year ago, but the word back then was that Smith and Jones would be too expensive to get back on the set. And the idea of Fiorentino carrying the film on her own was quickly shot down.