Meryl Streep Applies to Trademark Name


Meryl Streep has applied to register her name with the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office.

The 21-time Oscar nominee made the application to officials at the agency last week (end28Jan18), with paperwork filed by branding lawyer Konrad K. Gatien.

She looking to register her name for use in providing, “entertainment services” including on live television, and in movies as a “professional actress and entertainer”.

The trademark application also covers her name’s use for personal appearances, speaking engagements, autograph signings. Her filing also states she wants to use her name to establish “a website featuring content in the field of motion pictures”.

Meryl’s career is already celebrated on a fan-curated archive, – which documents all her movie roles, public appearances including at awards shows, and interviews.

Her application, which cost her $275, states that her name has been associated with the entertainment industry since 1975, the year of her first film appearance in the animated movie Everybody Rides the Carousel.

Other stars who have tried to trademark their own, or family members’ names include 50 Cent, Beyonce and JAY-Z, who unsuccessfully attempted to trademark their daughter Blue Ivy’s name after her birth in 2012, and Kylie Jenner, who last year (17) became embroiled in a battle with the singer Kylie Minogue over the rights to the name ‘Kylie’.

Pop superstar Taylor Swift is another famous figure who has moved to protect phrases associated with her, as last year (17) she moved to secure the rights to the term ‘Swifties’, which is used by her fans to describe themselves.