Meryl Streep’s Cheeky Response to Mariah Carey’s Seat Stealing Moment


Meryl Streep had a cheeky response to songstress Mariah Carey stealing her seat at the Golden Globe Awards.

On Sunday night (07Jan18), the Heartbreaker singer detailed on social media how she had accidentally stolen the Oscar-winning actress’ seat when she took too long mingling after heading to the bathroom during a commercial break. Mariah was directed to take the first available seat, which happened to be next to director Steven Spielberg, and he was sat next to Meryl.

During an appearance on Monday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Post star shared her reaction to the singer’s faux pas, joking to host Jimmy, “B**ch stole my seat!”

“Yeah I came over and there she was, next to Spielberg sucking up. She said, ‘Oh my god they made me sit down!’ Because you know we’re moving they make you … Everyone has to drop to their seat,” recalled Meryl, comparing the funny moment to a game of musical chairs.

“But I said, no, no, no, stay there, I’ll sit on your lap because (shrugs) you know…it was comfy.”
Mariah was extremely apologetic about the incident, telling Meryl on Twitter, “Dear Meryl, please forgive me!!!” She added the actress said she can take her seat anytime.