Michael Buble fears he will miss his son growing up

Canadian singer Michael Buble fears he is missing out on his baby son growing up because of his busy work schedule. The Beautiful Day crooner became a first time father when his wife Luisana gave birth to son Noah on 27 August (13).
But the star could not stay by his baby’s side for too long as he kicked off the North American leg of his To Be Loved tour in September (13), and he insists leaving Noah behind has been a tough experience.
Buble tells Britain’s Event magazine, “I thought it would be tough leaving him, I had no clue… It’s not about missing the person; it’s about missing out on so many changes. In the course of three or four days he looks different, his reactions change. And I don’t want to miss those things.
“That’s what’s tough for me, there’s always that guilt that he won’t know me. And you’re missing out on stuff that you’ll never get back.”
Buble also worries he will not be able to shadow his own father patient parenting skills, adding, “I worry about not being enough like my dad, not being generous enough, and patient enough and kind enough.”