Michael Cera drank hallucinogenic juice before shooting trippy role

Actor Michael Cera risked an unpleasant psychedelic trip on the set of director Sebastian Silva’s recent movie by downing hallucinogenic cactus juice during filming. The Arrested Development star headed to Chile to play drug-taking Jamie in Crystal Fairy & the Magical Cactus, about a group of travellers who get high drinking mescaline, the naturally-forming drug found in certain cacti.
To create a believable performance, Cera and his co-stars decided to take the drug before shooting.
Cera tells Britain’s The Guide, “Sebastian suggested it very optionally – ‘We could maybe do this, see what happens.’ He said, ‘If everyone gets uncomfortable we can turn the camera off then the next day we can get back to work.’ So it was very gentle. I was all for it. And it wasn’t like the whole crew were doing it, so we wouldn’t have a day where everyone’s freaking out, it was just a way to see if anything interesting happened on camera. A few days leading up to it I was starting to have a little anxiety about just having to work, I didn’t know what the effect was going to be.”
However, the mescaline failed to take hold of the star, who likens the effect to having an alcoholic drink.
He adds, “We didn’t actually feel anything. It just felt like we’d had a glass of wine. And we had such a rhythm shooting at that point, it was fine.”