Michael Douglas and Mary Steenburgen endured nightmare ride in Las Vegas

Veteran actors Michael Douglas and Mary Steenburgen endured a “nightmare experience” while filming new comedy Last Vegas after they were forced to repeatedly hop on a daredevil amusement ride for the shoot. The pair plays lovers in the movie and during one scene, its characters enjoy a date at the top of the Stratosphere Las Vegas hotel and casino on the X-Scream ride.
The tourist attraction shoots off the side of the building at high speeds and hangs in mid-air, giving people the feeling that they are at risk of falling from the edge of the tower, 866 feet (264 metres) above ground.
Director Jon Turteltaub made the couple shoot take after take and Douglas, 69, admits the rollercoaster-like experience, the world’s third highest amusement ride, was a thrill he could have done without.
He says, “We had one nightmare experience at the Stratosphere… You get up there, the wind’s blowing and this thing goes up and it goes … takes off, right off the edge… and it holds there for a second, holds there and then boom! It drops. Oh man, it was horrible.”
And Steenburgen reveals she struggled to sleep on the eve of the big shoot because she was so nerve wracked.
She adds, “We did it over and over and over. And the fact that they took us there the day before (to show us the ride) to calm us, I stayed up all night freaking out and then the day we shot it, it was 30 mile-an-hour winds so I’m like, ‘Erm, excuse me? When do you cut it off (stop the ride)?’ And they said, ‘Forty mile-an-hour winds!’ That’s really close!”