Michael Egan dropped by lawyer after dismissing Bryan Singer abuse settlement

Bryan Singer’s sex abuse accuser Michael Egan has been dropped by his lawyer after changing his mind about accepting an out-of-court settlement from the director. The X-Men filmmaker became the first power player named by Egan in a series of lawsuits linked to “sordid” sexual exploits at a number of industry get togethers over a period of two years, when the plaintiff was aged between 15 and 17.
Singer’s attorney Marty Singer, no relation, was quick to respond to the allegations, calling them “absurd” and “completely without merit”, and he filed a motion for dismissal in May (14).
Egan subsequently withdrew his suits against Bryan Singer’s co-accused, Hollywood executives Garth Ancier and David Neuman and Broadway producer Gary Goddard, last month (Jun14), but he is refusing to back down over allegations the director sexually abused him at a party in Hawaii in 1999.
According to TMZ.com, Egan’s lawyer Jeff Herman negotiated a settlement deal worth $100,000 (£58,824) with Singer, but Egan had a change of heart after signing the agreement, stating, “This exact kind of take-it-and-shut-up deal is why I decided to stand up in the first place.”
His decision has now cost him Herman’s services.
The news emerges days after another teen sex abuse lawsuit against Singer, filed by an unidentified British actor, was dismissed on Friday (25Jul14).