Michael Imperioli would jump at the chance to reteam with Sopranos family

Former The Sopranos star Michael Imperioli is holding out hope for a spin-off version of the hit TV drama – because he really misses his castmates and series creator David Chase. The actor, who played Christopher Moltisanti for eight years on the show, accepts a get together will never be the same, following the death of James Gandolfini earlier this year (13) – but he’d still love to be part of any new series featuring his extended family of gangster characters.
He tells WENN, “I would love it if there was another Sopranos, just to work with the people that I worked with again. Doing that show was like walking out of your house and going to hang out on the corner with your friends. It was like that every day.
“I wouldn’t be surprised if anything were to happen, like, if David took one of the minor characters and made a movie or a show from that. A character that maybe you wouldn’t have paid any attention or thought of… and had a show about him – some kind of small town hood in witness protection… That would be in character with David.”