Michael Jackson’s pianist threatens legal action against Conrad Murray

Michael Jackson’s former pianist has reportedly threatened to take legal action against the doctor convicted of causing the King of Pop’s death. The Thriller hitmaker died of a drug overdose just weeks before he was due to kick off a series of lucrative comeback concerts in London in 2009.
Now the musician who was due to play piano at the singer’s This Is It shows has fired off a legal letter to Conrad Murray, who served almost two years behind bars on an involuntary manslaughter charge stemming from Jackson’s death.
Pianist Morris Pleasure claims Murray’s actions robbed him of his lucrative job as part of Jackson’s band, and editors at TMZ.com report he is now set to pursue a lawsuit against Murray after the medic failed to respond to his initial legal letter.
Pleasure has previously performed with stars including Christina Aguilera and Michael Jackson’s superstar sister Janet.