Michael Jackson’s Kid was Stunned by Father’s Level of Fame


Michael Jackson‘s son Prince Michael had no idea how famous his father was until he witnessed “muscle-bound dudes” losing their cool and fainting in the presence of the King of Pop.

The tragic Thriller hitmaker kept his three children largely out of the limelight as they grew up, and famously made them wear veils whenever they stepped out in public to preserve their privacy.

Prince Jackson, now 20, reveals the late superstar did show his kids his work when they were young, but it took them some time to truly understand the sheer magnitude of the singer’s fame.

“It did take us a while,” he confessed on Good Morning America. “Even after we realized he was the King of Pop – even to this day – I don’t think it holds the same weight to us that it does to other people, because he was our father, our dad, our daddy – whatever you want to call him.”

“I guess when we kind of realized was when we saw videos of him performing,” he continued. “We were out of the country at the time, and we were watching some videos of his performances.”

However, it was the way grown men would react to seeing Michael in person which really surprised his eldest kid.

“I’ve been used to seeing most females pass out when they see their (favorite) artists; they get very emotional,” Prince commented. “But what blew my mind was when I saw the big muscle-bound dudes fainting and having to be dragged out. So I was like, ‘OK, there’s something else going on here!'”
Michael Jackson died of a prescription drug overdose in 2009, aged 50.

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