Michael Palin thanks diary habit for writing skills

British actor Michael Palin credits his habit of keeping a diary with honing his skills as a writer, insisting everyone should document their daily thoughts. The Monty Python star began writing a diary in 1969 and is preparing to publish his third volume of extracts, detailing his life between 1988 and 1998, later this year (14).
Speaking on U.K. TV show This Morning, Palin insisted it was important to keep a record of your life and revealed the habit has been crucial in his development as a writer.
He says, “I think everybody should keep a diary. I think that the government should sort of insist, it should be a law. Because it may sound very boring at the time – ‘had egg for breakfast’ or ‘met somebody for tea’, that sort of thing – but in 20 years time when you look back it reminds you, ‘Hey, I’d completely forgotten about that’… I actually find it a really good training for writing, to have to sit down and describe what you did the day before.”
The actor also jokes that his collection of diaries could act as a foolproof alibi should he ever find himself accused of a crime, adding, “I should take volumes of my diaries to the police station with me.”