Michael Pena wants to be crimefighting Mexican movie superhero

The actor admits he has big dreams of teaming up with Spy Kids and Sin City director Robert Rodriguez for an as-yet unknown Latino blockbuster.

He tells WENN, “I would love to be the first Mexican superhero. The other one is Zorro but he’s not really a superhero. He’s got a sword and he fights, so he’s almost like an old school cop in a way. I would want super powers.

“I would swarm somebody with carne asada (spicy roasted meat) from my wrists or something! They would just drown in tacos and tortas.

“I’d probably have an accent and I’d kill somebody with a torta! Wouldn’t that be great that the guy’s, like, screaming, ‘Noooo!’ with a torta stuck in his neck… That would be embarrassing and demeaning. Tell Robert Rodriguez!”