Michael Rappaport’s Crab Woes

Actor Michael Rappaport walked away with more than a flop movie when he made Metro with Eddie Murphy in 1997–he also caught crabs.

The actor was stunned when he discovered the unwanted companions on his genitals–because he hadn’t slept with anybody during filming.

He says, “It was one of the first relationships in my life where I was trying not to f**k around. I was so nervous that the girl thought I was gonna cheat and I hadn’t cheated.

“I called my friend and I said, ‘I got f**king crabs!’ And he was like, ‘How?
Did you f**k around?’ I was like, ‘I swear to God I didn’t, but I was in this
hotel.’ You can get ’em from sheets.

“You know like sometimes you’re touching yourself and you’re naked? (I wasn’t) masturbating, but I was laying there just kind of watching TV… and I’m like scratching myself and I look down and there’s like a f**kin’ crab. I
remember thinking, ‘That’s why they call ’em crabs!’ They’re really f**kin’ crabs!'”

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