Michael Ray and Carly Pearce turn love story into song

Engaged country music stars Michael Ray and Carly Pearce have turned their love story into a song for a new duet.
The couple, which announced plans to wed in December (18), has teamed up in the studio to lay down vocals for a track on Carly’s forthcoming album, and although they did not write the tune, the lyrics echo the early days of the whirlwind romance.
“It’s really about the first stages of the relationship and the connection of, you know, whenever you’re starting to feel that it just starts to blend,” groom-to-be Michael explained to TheBoot.com.
“(It) definitely paints the perfect picture of how we were in the beginning,” he added of the song, which was recorded before Michael proposed.
He stopped short of revealing the title of the track, but revealed it was brought to their attention by Carly’s Big Machine Records chief, Scott Borchetta.
“We haven’t even written together yet, but not because we don’t want to; it just hasn’t happened,” Michael recalls. “(Scott) was like, ‘Y’all gotta hear this’. And we heard it, (and) it was like, ‘We gotta do this’.”
The duet is expected to feature on Carly’s follow up to her 2017 debut album, Every Little Thing.
She and Michael began dating last summer (18), and were engaged by the end of the year. They are planning to tie the knot this autumn (19).