Michael Sheen: ‘Tony Blair shuns films to dodge gossip’

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair insists he never watches TV and movie portrayals of his career so he can avoid discussing political gossip, according to actor Michael Sheen. The Hollywood star played the former leader onscreen in 2006 movie The Queen and in the 2010 TV drama The Special Relationship, which examines reports Blair struck a deal with his deputy Gordon Brown about the handover of power.
Sheen has met Blair only once, and he is convinced the ex-politician’s denial of having watched his work is a convenient way to avoid discussing the storylines.
Sheen tells U.K. talk show Loose Women, “I’ve met him once… He said he hasn’t seen it… Because if he said he’s seen it then people will say, ‘Well, is it true, is that what happened?’ So he says he hasn’t seen them.”