Mick Jagger duets with singer brother on new album

Rolling Stones star Sir Mick Jagger has teamed up with his singer brother Chris for two new duets to mark the 40th anniversary of the solo musician’s debut album. Chris Jagger, who has been performing as a solo act since the 1970s, admits Sir Mick’s 50th anniversary celebrations with the Brown Sugar hitmakers last year (12) have prompted the younger Jagger to reminisce about his time in the industry and now his new project, Concertina Jack, has been released as a nod to his own milestone.
In a post on his website, Chris writes, “I’m not a big one for anniversaries, but in the brew ha ha revolving around The Rolling Stones and 50 years I realised it’s 40 years since my first record came out.”
Concertina Jack features Sir Mick’s vocals on the title track and another song called Diamonds and Pearls.
Promoting his younger sibling’s work on Twitter.com, the Rolling Stones frontman writes, “My brother Chris Jagger has a new album called Concertina Jack, & I’m singing on the title track.”
The album, Chris Jagger’s ninth studio release, is named after a great uncle who left his family home in the U.K. to sail to Sydney, Australia around 1880.