Mike Myers Sued (Again)

Maybe Mike Myers should have just made the damn movie. Instead, he ditched “Dieter” and now finds himself facing not one, but two, lawsuits.

The second — and most recent — was filed Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court by Ron Howard‘s Imagine Entertainment. It follows the headline-making one Universal Pictures levied against Myers on June 6.

Both complaints complain about the same thing: Myers was supposed to make them a “Sprockets” movie (called “Dieter”) — and he flaked.

Imagine is seeking $30 million in damages.

“Dieter,” based on an old Myers “Saturday Night Live” sketch, was to be the comic’s first $20 million payday but he walked on the project in late May, saying he didn’t like the script — even if he, um, did sorta help write it.

“He claimed he had not approved the screenplay. Who wrote the screenplay? Myers,” Imagine says in court papers.

The lawsuit also says Myers acted (loose translation here) like big jerk and that his “misconduct was also characterized by expressions of inexcusable bigotry.” No word on what the heck that last charge is supposed to mean.

In Daily Variety, a lawyer for Myers calls Imagine’s claims “fictional and without merit.”