Mike Tyson: ‘I think about dying when I drink’

Former boxing champ Mike Tyson has revealed he finds himself in a very dark place when he abuses alcohol, but fears who he is when he’s sober. During a press conference held to launch his new career as a boxing promoter earlier this month (Aug13), Tyson shocked reporters by choking back tears as he admitted to being “a vicious alcoholic on the verge of dying”.
And in a new TV interview, the boxing legend reveals he often thinks about dying when he drinks heavily.
He tells U.S. breakfast show Today, “When I start drinking and I relapse, I think of dying. You know I’m in a real dark mood. I think of dying and I don’t want to be around anymore. I won’t survive if I don’t get help.”
And Tyson admits he’s not particularly fond of the person he becomes when he’s sober either: “I’ve been sober 12 days and it’s tough. I’m mean, I’m irritable. It’s a real challenge because I don’t know if I like this sober guy. It’s hard for me to live normal, straight is hard.”