Mike Tyson’s ex-wife accused of failing to pay divorce fees

Marvin Mitchelson allegedly drew up divorce papers for Givens in the midst of her legal battle with the retired boxer in 1988, and now the lawyer’s widow, Marcella, has accused the 47 year old of failing to pay him for his work.

She tells the New York Daily News, “Marvin worked really hard on getting those papers filed overnight for Givens and was very upset she fired him and never paid him the $15,000 (£9,375). (I) could certainly use the money.”

However, Givens’ publicist, James Grant, has dismissed the claims, saying, “She had one meeting with Mitchelson and signed immediately with Raoul Felder, who represented her throughout the entire case. It was just a brief meeting. She doesn’t owe him any money.”

Mitchelson, who represented dozens of celebrities throughout his career, including Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone, lost his battle with cancer in 2004.

Tyson and Givens married in February, 1988, but split several months later.