Miley Cyrus launches fundraising campaign for migrant children

Miley Cyrus launches fundraising campaign for migrant children


Miley Cyrus is showing her support for migrant children separated from their parents in the U.S. by rallying her fans to raise money for them.

Over 2,300 children have been separated from their families following the implementation of President Donald Trump’s controversial zero-tolerance policy, which allows law enforcement agents to tear minors away from their parents and detain them after they illegally cross the Mexican border into the U.S.

The U.S. leader has since signed an exectuive order to end the divisive immigration policy, but many families have not been reunited.

Many celebrities are looking into ways to lend their support and Cyrus is now joining them by launching a fundraiser for KIND (Kids in Need of Defense) on Facebook. The Wrecking Ball hitmaker has already raised almost $32,000 towards her $35,000 goal since launching the campaign on Monday (25Jun18).

“(Charity) Happy Hippie and I believe EVERYONE has the right to be with their families and deserves a safe place to call their home,” she writes on the social media site. “Thousands of migrant children remain detained and separated from their families RIGHT NOW. These are children and families who are escaping violence in their home countries and want a future where they can be safe and together.

“Join me in supporting KIND, a nonprofit working to protect the basic rights of unaccompanied children in the United States. Funds will be used to get families legal representation so they can be reunited.”

Miley formed her Happy Hippie foundation in 2014. The foundation helps combat youth and LGBTQ homelessness and works to uplift other marginalised communities.