Milo Ventimiglia Finds Versatile Uses for Sling After Arm Surgery


Milo Ventimiglia has found a variety of uses for his arm sling as he recovers from surgery.

The actor made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night (21Feb17), where he discussed his role as Jack Pearson in the NBC comedy-drama This Is Us.

But before he started chatting, Milo explained the reason his right arm is in a cast and sling is due to him recently undergoing surgery.

“I got into a knife fight… with the surgeon,” he joked to host Jimmy. “I had some torn tendons and had to get surgery on it, so I’m recovering.”

Milo added he had quickly grown accustomed to having a sling, as he was able to use it to cart around his personal items.

“So I got the cast, and this sling has become a catch-all. I’ve got my phone in it – I feel like an older gal that puts her phone in her bra, and I get very (protective) of it,” he laughed, preceding to pull out his wallet, tissues, a banana, floss, a tea towel with This Is Us printed on it from the sling, as well as a Team Jess card, in reference to his breakthrough role as Jess Mariano in the TV series Gilmore Girls.

While he described Jess as a “very awesome” character to play, Milo went on to explain that he is now entirely Team Jack.

In fact, Milo felt so strongly attached to his part in This Is Us, that he took to Twitter to notify viewers that they should prepare for an emotional night ahead of Tuesday night’s episode. In a sweet tweet, the 39-year-old shared a picture of himself holding a notebook with a handwritten note for fans, excusing them from work or school on Wednesday because of what was to come.

“It’s such an emotional episode,” he smiled. “I just felt like as the patriarch of the family, it’s very heavy what happened and maybe people want to take the day off of work, or school, or life.”

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