Milo Ventimiglia kicked out of Disneyland as a boy over spitting antics

Milo Ventimiglia was kicked out of Disneyland as a boy due to his gross antics.
The actor is now recognised by fans around the globe for his roles in TV shows such as Gilmore Girls, Heroes and This Is Us.
But before he hit the big time, Milo got up to trouble just like any other pre-teen, and shared during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Monday night (12Feb18) that he was once even booted out of Disney’s theme park in California for misbehaving with his pals.
“I grew up in Orange County, so I grew up going to Disneyland all the time. It was one of those places where you’d go and fall in love but you also go and get in real trouble,” he recalled, noting that a visit for his 12th birthday with some family and friends was particularly memorable.
“And as we were going on (the Sky Tram ride), one of my friends, I don’t know who it was, had the great idea to play the game called ‘Spit on Someone and Try to Hit Someone.’ We’re spitting over the edge, like, ‘Oh wow, I hit a bald dude!’ Then 20 feet before you finish, you’re like, ‘Oh, they’re watching now, just be cool.'”
Unfortunately, Milo and his mates weren’t as clever as they thought they were. Theme park employees noticed the spitting, and when the star’s parents discovered what he’d done, the party was over.
“Birthday was over. It was done. We went home. That was it. No spitting at Disneyland,” the 40-year-old laughed, adding that the incident taught him that “there’s cameras everywhere”.
During his interview, Milo also spoke about how his father Peter Ventimiglia doesn’t listen to him now, especially when it comes to using photo-sharing app Instagram.
Even though the star warned his dad not to post about their visit to Minnesota for the recent Super Bowl LII match in order to resist leaving a “footprint” of his whereabouts, Peter couldn’t help himself.
“The second we get there he’s posting about the 50-yard line game and the private jet we were on, and hanging out with (National Football League commissioner) Roger Goodell,” he laughed.