Miramax Re-Releases “Confessions”

Apparently Miramax thinks Confessions of a Dangerous Mind didn’t get the attention it deserved the first time around.

In an unusual move, the studio has decided to re-release the film Aug. 1 and give it a brand new marketing approach, Variety reports.

Directed by George Clooney and starring Sam Rockwell, Confessions follows the twisted memoirs of game show guru Chuck Barris, who claims he was a CIA assassin on the side. It was released in January amongst the throngs of Oscar contenders and brought in less than $16 million in box office revenues.

According to Variety, Miramax hopes to secure at least 1,000 theaters for the re-release and will employ a new domestic marketing campaign with an action-laced trailer Miramax originally cut for use overseas.

“We’re making the campaign more fun, more thriller-ish,” Miramax chief operating officer Rick Sands told Variety. “When audiences saw the film, they liked it, but it went out at a very competitive time. So we think there’s a lot of audience left to find the film.”

George made a wonderful film that got good reviews, but unfortunately, there was so much going on in the marketplace that it wasn’t first choice among moviegoers,” Sands continued. “So we’re going to provide a second opportunity for moviegoers to find the movie. I know it’s unusual, but we truly feel that the film had potential.”