Missing Teen Actress Scout Taylor-Compton Found

Teen actress Scout Taylor-Compton has been found at a friend’s house in
California, two weeks after going missing.

The 16-year-old Sleepover actress was last seen at her home in the Southern
California community of Apple Valley on Aug. 12 and was recently placed
on the police missing persons register.

San Bernardino County Sheriff’s spokeswoman Robin Haynal says, “We received a
tip from the Apple Valley School Police that she was at a house in Apple
Valley. We sent a deputy over there, picked her up and took her to the

Haynal believes that Taylor-Compton, who lives with her father and
stepmother, left after a family disagreement. She was in good condition and
cooperated with police.

Haynal adds, “She was a runaway juvenile. She just didn’t want to be found.
She hasn’t been harmed at all and she appears to be fine.”

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