Mo’ ‘Survivor’ Update

So you pay your taxes, then you pay off some loans and after that you decide to get that tummy-tuck you’ve always wanted. And before you know it, your $1 million winnings just doesn’t seem like that much money anymore.

Perhaps that’s what sole “Survivor” Richard Hatch has been feeling lately, for he sure has been hustling hard for dough despite his seven-figure jackpot.

After a report from this week that the 39-year-old corporate trainer has signed a $500,000 book deal with St. Martin’s Press, word today is that he has also set his eyes on showbiz.

Daily Variety says that Richard has singed with Creative Artists Agency, the management firm Pure Arts and publicist Polaris PR as his representatives. They will assist the pot-belly one, who is said to be looking for on-air commentator gigs and TV show guest spots — in fielding various offers.

DO WE HEAR EBAY!? Apparently, defection happened both on and off the set of “Survivor.” After the show’s big finale last week, the publicity folks at CBS discovered that a box of autographed “Survivor” photos had been looted. The network suspects that workers who were involved with the show’s town hall special may have walked off with the goods, which was intended for various charities and fundraisers.

SEE JENNA ‘TALK’: Didn’t get enough of Jenna on the regular season? Well, the single mother will host E!’s “Talk Soup” tonight. She’s the third “Survivor” contestant to moonlight on the show this week, after Kelly on Monday and Sue last night. So what about Colleen?