Model settles legal battle with American Horror story bosses

Rick Genest, who is tattooed like a corpse, accused Fox producers of infringing on his distinctive look by featuring an actor in strikingly similar skeletal body make-up during an episode on the Emmy Award-winning show’s first season.

The 27 year old was seeking unspecified damages for copyright infringement, but both parties have now come to an undisclosed agreement.

Genest tells The Hollywood Reporter, “For complete clarity, I was not approached by Fox to licence what I consider to be the use of my likeness or my copyrighted body art in American Horror Story. However, I understand that there was no intent to connect me with the character in their show and I am pleased that I have come to a resolution of this matter with Fox.”

The episode in question featured actor Evan Peters as a student, who commits suicide after shooting classmates at his high school.