Monica Potter opens up about cancer scare as her TV character battles the disease

The Along Came a Spider star’s TV mum, Kristina Braverman, opened up about her breast cancer battle to family members in Tuesday night’s (09Oct12) episode of the acclaimed U.S. drama – and Potter reveals she helped create the storyline after alerting writers to her own scare.

She says, “I went for a mammogram and they (doctors) found something and I emailed (show creator) Jason (Katims) and said, ‘What are we doing for Kristina this season? I think maybe we should explore breast cancer?’ and he emailed me back and said, ‘We’re already breaking that story…’ It was bizarre.”

But 41-year-old Potter’s real-life cancer concerns are nothing compared to her character’s.

She tells news show Access Hollywood Live, “It’s fine… I went again last week, four months later, for a check-up and I’m gonna go every four or five months… It’s a cyst… I’m fine.”

Ironically, creator Katims’ wife is a cancer survivor.