Morrison treats pet to new playmate

The Mr. & Mrs. Smith star constantly feels guilty about leaving her pooch home alone while she spends long hours on set, so she adopted a three-month-old mutt from a Los Angeles shelter to keep the pup company.

And Morrison can’t wait to pick up the pet after the rush of the holidays.

She tells WENN, “I just rescued a puppy. It’s so crazy. I already have a dog and I’ve been feeling so bad because she’s alone a lot. I mean she gets walked and she has her friends at the dog park and all that but I was just like, ‘She needs a friend.’ So I actually just rescued a Chihuahua-Pug mix, which I would never have imagined is so cute.

“He’s being boarded and staying with the people who initially found him until after the holidays. He was abandoned and he’s so cute, I was like how could anybody abandon him?”