Morrissey’s fake Twitter account taken over by record label

Morrissey’s bogus account has been commandeered by bosses at his record label. Fans of the former The Smiths frontman were thrilled when he seemingly started tweeting earlier this week (begs12May14).
The message, from the account @itsmorrissey, which had been first set up in 2009, read: “Hello. Testing, 1, 2, 3. Planet Earth, are you there? One can only hope…”
However, Morrissey soon took to his official website to insist the account was a fake, adding, “I gather that a Twitter account has been opened in my name – as ‘It’s Morrissey’ – but it is NOT Morrissey. I do not know who has opened this recent Twitter account, but please be aware that it is bogus. That’s, of course, if you should remotely care.”
Now bosses at his label, Harvest Records, have taken over the account to prevent anymore confusion.
A tweet from the company reads, “We’ve taken over @itsmorrissey to protect it from interlopers. Alas, it’s already time to bid farewell to the account.”