Motherhood changed Megan Fox

The actress and her husband Brian Austin Green welcomed their first child, Noah Shannon, on 27 September (12) and the tattooed stunner, who showed off her tough side in Michael Bay’s action franchise, admits she’s a changed woman after becoming a mum.

She tells, “I used to have this wicked, dark sense of humour, and now I don’t find morbid things funny anymore. I’m so much softer than I used to be, and I feel everything so much deeper than I used to.

“When I watch the news, everyone is somebody’s child or someone’s mother. So, I’m constantly worrying now about everything.”

And Fox reveals she has also learned her needs now come second.

She tells, “He’s (son) very bossy! He’s only two and a half months and he’s super opinionated and I’m already a complete slave to him!”