Movie reviews: Hearts in Atlantis

Anthony Hopkins is getting some of his worst reviews ever for Hearts in Atlantis. The movie, says Stephen Holden in the New York Times, shows that it “really isn’t hard to make a talented actor look like a blithering fool.”

Across town, Jami Bernard in the Daily News writes, “Is it possible to have too much Anthony Hopkins? Believe it or not, the answer is yes.”

Nevertheless, Hopkins is also getting some of his best reviews for the Stephen King movie tale, with some critics even suggesting that it should win him an Oscar nomination. Rick Groen, in the Toronto Globe & Mail calls Hopkins‘ performance “superb” and then goes on to remark: “The best actors, like the best musicians, understand the power of silence, and Hopkins delivers an allusively quiet performance, making abundant use of the spaces between the notes. That’s where he locates the suspense, forcing us to wonder what his silences contain, and whether the contents are for good or for ill.”