Movie reviews: “Heist”

The team of David Mamet (writer/director) and Gene Hackman (actor) is
receiving much praise for their current enterprise, the “caper” movie

Jay Carr in the Boston Globe writes: “It’s a rare
pleasure to encounter, as one always does with Mamet, a film that’s
language-driven. Mamet is not yet Billy Wilder or John Huston, but his
love of pulp-fiction lingo is catching, and it sounds good delivered by
Hackman and the others.”

Similarly, Roger Ebert writes in the Chicago
that Heist is the kind of film “that was made
before special effects replaced wit, construction and intelligence. This
movie is made out of fresh ingredients, not cake mix.”

Kevin Thomas in
the Los Angeles Times comments: “Full of action and suspense,
Heist is above all a gratifyingly adult entertainment.”

Hunter in the Washington Post begins his review talking in Mamet
lingo: “You know that thing he does? You know. The thing. He does a
thing where, what I’m saying is, it’s a thing, a thing. Everybody talks
in such a rhythm it’s so real but then it’s also not real, it sort of
sings and dances and you’re thinking, what the hell. …That’s what he
does. And what I’m saying is: He’s done that thing again. That thing.”
He concludes his review: “That thing he does? Damn, he does it good, you

But Eleanor Ringel Gillespie in the Atlanta
found the film disappointing. “Heist may
hook you for a while and it’s never uninteresting,” she writes, “but
there’s no getting around it. It just isn’t the movie it should have
been. Drat.”

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