Movie reviews: “Jeepers Creepers”

Critics, who rarely have anything nice to say about horror films, have bestowed a few pleasant words on Jeepers Creepers. Stephen Hunter in the Washington Post, for example, writes: “If the reptile brain in you, that ugly little cluster of cerebral cells where all the destructive urges lie, needs a good jolt, Jeepers Creepers offers you just such a treat without having to do hard time as a consequence.” Mike Clark in USA Today comments: “Jeepers Creepers is no big-screen keeper, but it does survive its 40-minute test drive before turning into a lemon.” Similarly Jonathan Foreman writes in the New York Post: “The first half-hour of Jeepers Creepers is so frightening that it’s almost a relief when the movie subsequently collapses into silliness.” And Gary Dowell in the Dallas Morning News concludes, “Although he slips occasionally, [director Victor] Salva has still crafted a fairly original and scarifying piece of work.”