Movie reviews: “Legally Blonde”

The Toronto Star assigned Daphne Gordon, its “Totally Blonde Entertainment Reporter,” to write its review of Legally Blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon: It begins: “I’ve decided that while it’s fun being beautiful, and it’s fun being smart, it’s even funner being beautiful and smart. I decided this last night, after I saw the cool new flick Legally Blonde. I totally loved it because it made me feel like it’s okay to have highlights and still have big-time aspirations like becoming Prime Minister of Canada, or at least marrying a politician’s son.” Kenneth Turan — hair color unknown — of the Los Angeles Times is not nearly so enthusiastic: “Legally Blonde is basically Clueless Goes to Harvard,” he writes. “Nothing wrong with that notion, but, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I’ve seen Clueless and this is no Clueless.” On the other hand, Philip Wuntch comments in the Dallas Morning News: “As a comedy that celebrated shallowness while ostensibly scorning it, Clueless boasted sharper dialogue and direction. But Ms. Witherspoon far outdistances Clueless Alicia Silverstone.” Susan Wloszczyna in USA Today says the movie amounts to “Perry Mason Meets Miss Clairol.” Her verdict: “Guilty of inciting a near-laugh riot thanks to an irresistible leading lady whose comic instincts are as impeccable as her manicure.”