Movie reviews: “The Others”

The Others, a horror movie starring Nicole Kidman and produced by her ex, Tom Cruise, is receiving a motley assortment of reviews from critics. On the one hand, Mike Clark comments in USA Today: “It’s too easy to be ahead of what’s going to happen — and that’s even if you haven’t spent time reading Internet spoilers that make sport of leaking Hollywood endings.” Lou Lumenick in the New York Post writes: “Poor Nicole Kidman. Injured, divorced — and now directed to give the most laughable performance of her career.” On the other hand, Joe Morgenstern in the Wall Street Journal writes, “You can’t take your eyes off Ms. Kidman; she has never played a role with more focused energy.” Phillip Wuntch in the Dallas Morning News says of Kidman: “Looking remarkably like Grace Kelly, she delivers a superb performance.” And Rita Kempley in the Washington Post calls Kidman‘s performance “elegant and edgy” and says that the movie “works whether perceived as a ghost story, a psychodrama or an existential debate.”