Moviegoers ‘Meet the Parents’ Again

Who knew a visit to future in-laws could be so funny … and profitable. “Meet the Parents,” the comedy starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro, held off “Remember the Titans” and four new movies to stay atop the box office heap, taking in an estimated $21.35 million in its second week, according to estimates by Exhibitor Relations. The two-week total for “Parents” is $59 million.

Titans” held on to the No. 2 spot with $13.58 million, taking its three-week total to $64.7 million. The high school football film starring Denzel Washington received the highest rating, an A+, by a CineScore poll for any film released this year.

Rounding out the Top Five were three debuts: the Winona Ryder starrer “Lost Souls” bowed in with $8.4 million, the “Saturday Night Live” skit turned feature film “The Ladies Man” starring Tim Meadows took in $5.7 million, and the Joan Allen political drama “The Contender” grabbed $5.53 million.

Debuting in the seventh spot was “Dr. T and the Women” starringRichard Gere and an ensemble cast of some of Hollywood’s hottest actresses, includingHelen Hunt, Kate Hudson, Liv Tyler and Farrah Fawcett. “Dr. T’s” take was $5.2 million.

Less than $1 million separated the films at No. 4 through No. 7, so there could be some reshuffling once final figures are released Monday.

Also notable in this weekend’s Top 10 is “Best in Show,” a dogumentary on canine shows by Christopher Guest (“Waiting for Guffman”). “Best in Show” went into wide release over the weekend and barked up $2.3 million in business.

Here are the weekend’s Top 10 films, according to estimates by Exhibitor Relations:

1. “Meet the Parents,” $21.35 million ($59 million total) 2. “Remember the Titans,” $13.58 million ($64.7 million total) 3. “Lost Souls,” $8.4 million (opening week) 4. “The Ladies Man,” $5.7 million (opening week) 5. “The Contender,” $5.53 million (opening week) 6. “The Exorcist (2000 re-release),” $5.4 million ($30.4 million total) 7. “Dr. T and the Women,” $5.2 million (opening week) 8. “Get Carter,” $2.71 million ($11.5 million) 9. “Best in Show,” $2.3 million ($4.1 million) 10. “Almost Famous,” $2.27 million ($26.7 million)