Munchkin star Slover dies

Slover, one of the last surviving actors who played Munchkins in the 1939 film, passed away after suffering a cardiac arrest in an Atlanta, Georgia hospital on Tuesday (15Nov11).

The actor, who had pituitary dwarfism, appeared in several films throughout his career but is best known for playing the lead trumpeter in The Wizard Of Oz’s Munchkins band.

He regularly appeared at promotional events related to the movie after his retirement.

John Fricke, author of the book 100 Years of Oz, says, “Of the 124 little people, he’s one of the handful who got to enjoy this latter-day fame, to have people know who he was and be able to pick him out of the crowd in the movie.”

Only three other actors who played Munchkins are still alive, according to the Associated Press.