Museum dedicated to Woody Guthrie opens in Oklahoma

A museum dedicated to late folk singer Woody Guthrie has opened in his native Oklahoma. Dozens of the music legend’s fans turned out to the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa on Saturday (27Apr13) to celebrate the Red River Valley hitmaker’s life and work, 46 years after his death.
The space contains Guthrie’s original, handwritten version of folk anthem This Land Is Your Land and a multimedia tour of America’s Dust Bowl era, which served as inspiration for many of his songs, as well as the icon’s complete archive of song lyrics, artwork, photographs and journal entries. Other rare items on display include contributions from musicians influenced by the singer, such as Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger.
His 63-year-old daughter Nora Guthrie, who attended the opening, is proud of the exhibit – she tells the Associated Press, “I realised that everything Woody learned – empathy, compassion – all of this stuff he learned in Oklahoma. He got all his ideas initially here.
“The core of who he was was determined in Oklahoma, and that’s something that everyone in Oklahoma should be very proud of. Woody always wrote songs that make you take pride in yourself and in your work and in your children.”